Save Money

Save $50 or more in energy costs over the life of each LED.

Save Energy

LEDs use 80 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.

Save Bulbs

LEDs last up to 15 times longer, so you’ll buy and replace fewer bulbs.

Did You Know?

LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes for most applications.

LED Types

  • A-Line
Use to replace a 40, 60, 75 and 100W A-lamp in areas where bulb is visible or any downward facing socket. This is the most aesthetically pleasing LED when compared with an incandescent bulb.
  • R30 Flood
Use to replace a 65-90W R lamp in a recessed can.
  • 7W Decorative
For use in decorative fixture applications.
  • R40 Flood
Use to replace a 65-120W R lamp in a recessed can and in the bathroom.
  • PAR38 Flood
Use to replace a 90-120W outdoor floodlight. Can be used in conjunction with a motion sensor or photo cell.
  • MR16
Use to Replace 20W Halogen bulbs.
  • Globes
Use to replace a 40-60W globe in areas where the bulb is visible, like a bath bar or any downward facing socket.

Bulb Converter

Remember the 4:1 rule – select a LED with one-fourth the wattage of an incandescent.

 Incandescent bulb LED bulb
40W = 7-12W
60W = 10-15W
75W = 16-20W
90W = 16W
100W = 16W
* W = bulb wattage